Woori The Virgin Subtitle Indonesia: Season 1

May. 09, 2022
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Woori The Virgin Season 1

Woori The Virgin Season 1 A romantic comedy about a woman Oh Woo Ri, who intended to remain chaste until marriage, accidentally winds up pregnant while undergoing a medical examination.

Oh Woo-Ri (Lim Soo-Hyang) works as an assistant writer on a popular drama series. Even though she is dating Detective Lee Gang-Jae (), she wants to keep her virginity until she marries. Her boyfriend accepts her wish. One day, Oh Woo-Ri goes to an OB-GYN for a regular checkup. Due to her doctor’s mistake, Oh Woo-Ri gets pregnant through artificial insemination.

The biological father of Oh Woo-Ri’s baby is Raphael (). He is the CEO of a cosmetics company. He gives off the impression that he is cold, but, in his mind, he is a romanticist and wants to meet a person he loves. His reality is different. He is married to Lee Ma-Ri (). She intentionally approached him and married him. Love is nothing in her life.

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