So I Married an Anti-Fan Subtitle Indonesia: Season 1

Apr. 30, 2021
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So I Married an Anti-Fan Season 1

So I Married an Anti-Fan Season 1 Superstar celebrity Hoo Joon (Choi Tae Joon) meets his match in spunky magazine reporter Lee Geun Young (Choi Sooyoung) at the opening ceremony of a new nightclub. After witnessing his rude behavior and accidentally throwing up on him, Geun Young is fired from her job.

Outraged, she assumes that Hoo Joon must be the mastermind behind her dismissal and stages a one-person protest outside his talent management agency. News travels fast in the world of entertainment and she soon gains a notorious reputation as Hoo Joon’s ultimate “anti-fan”.

Capitalizing on this debacle, an opportunistic reality TV producer offers jobless Geun Young a chance to appear on a reality TV show with Hoo Joon. The new show will be based on the concept of a star having to live with his greatest “anti-fan”.

In a tough financial situation and running low on funds, Geun Young reluctantly agrees to participate in this show. Hoo Joon’s cooperation in this endeavor, however, remains to be seen. While initially disgruntled, Hoo Joon’s popularity with the public takes a turn for the worse and he ultimately accepts this offer as well in the hopes of boosting his image and recovering lost popular affection.

The couple set out to make each other’s lives difficult on the TV program. However, sparks fly and they realize that they may be more compatible than they initially thought themselves to be. Is there hope for romance to blossom on such a public stage? After all, they are filming a reality TV show…

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