Secret Royal Inspector & Joy Subtitle Indonesia: Season 1

Nov. 08, 2021
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Secret Royal Inspector & Joy Season 1

Secret Royal Inspector & Joy Season 1 A secret royal inspector works as an undercover official who inspects local provinces to expose corruption. He teams up with a lady who is searching for happiness by getting divorced with her current husband. The duo then go on a grand scheme to discover the truth and find corruptions.

Ra Yi-Eon’s (TaecYeon) dream is to buy a small dumpling restaurant and run the business. He wants an easy going life, but he is smart enough to pass the state examination that he has just taken. He now begins work in the Office of Special Advisors, which is an elite course to succeed as a government officer. He is then appointed a royal secret agent, where he is tasked with secret missions. It is a great honor for Ra Yi-Eon and his family that he is now a royal secret agent. At his home, he still maintains an easy going life and he doesn’t work hard as a royal secret agent. His life changes when he meets Kim Joy ().

Kim Joys mind is full of curiosity. She also has a progressive mindset for the Joseon period, where she thinks it is okay to divorce. She married her husband three years ago and she is now trying to divorce him. Her husband is addicted to gambling and is a mama’s boy. Her husband also refuses to divorce her. Finally, when Kim Joy is about to conclude her divorce procedure, she meets Ra Yi-Eon.

Royal Secret Agent Ra Yi-Eon and Kim Joy work together to solve cases.

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